lunes, 29 de marzo de 2010

The Project

The idea is simple, to travel 90 days trough Europe with my best friend (Julio), The goal to complete the tasks people gave us during the fund raising period.

The trip starts in July 23th and ends in October 20th 2010.


The Tasks will consist in different types of challenges that people who donate money will give us... such tasks might overcome the capacity we will have to complete them in 90 days in which case we will choose the most interesting, fun and original ideas.

The tasks can be pretty much anything that comes to your mind, for example if you want us to paint your house we will travel all the way there to do it, if you want us to sing at your cousins wedding we can do it, if you need us to go out with you at night and get you a date you can count on us, if you want to see us running a marathon in your city well... we can try.

Is up to you guys and just try to avoid things that will make our mums worry or get us in jail (we would not last 12 hours inside).

The location of the tasks needs to be in Europe.


We will set a 4 month period to do a fund raising for this trip, the money that people donate will be use in big part for the plane tickets from Guatemala to Europe, the rest of the money will be use for food and transportation if needed since we are planning to hitch hike most of the way and pay for transportation only if it is for purposes to complete one of the tasks.

We will not pay for accommodation, instead we will stay with friends or look for people willing to give us a place to crash for a night or two, or if needed we will camp on the road when we have to.

Part of the money will be used for equipment to film the trip.


And of course for all the people that will help us and that would like to know what are we up to on this trip, we will upload videos and photographs to keep you updated.

At the end of the trip we will put all the footage together to make a series, that we would like to air in a national tv channel and of course we will send you a SURPRISE at the end of the trip with as BIG THANK YOU for all your help since without you this will not be possible.

And last but not least...


Most people call me Pampa and I was born in Guatemala while Julio is Argentinean and is been living in my country for the last 4 years.

We met here after his arrival while working in the same bar, were we became good friends and room mates and now we are working really hard to make our dream come true to build a live music production company.

During the next months we will try to let you know more about us, we will try to make all of you part of our lifes, so you get to know us better in case you don't yet.

On the meantime you are welcome to join us in Facebook, were we will be able to keep you guys updated with news about the Project: 90 days in Europe

To ask any questions or doubts, or if you donate money and would like to send the task, please do it to:


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  1. doy 100 USD si el che solo habla ingles durante todo el viaje!!!!! jajajaj

  2. well This is the good way to start up UPS careers and achieve the goal to complete the task.